5 Gorgeous Plants to Give as Housewarming Gifts

What could be better than giving someone you love a beautiful plant as a housewarming gift? When you choose plants as your housewarming gift, not only are you doing them a favour, but you’re also giving the recipient something special and unique. Not to mention, getting gift plants delivered Melbourne-wide make great companions for any room in the house – whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or office. This blog post will outline the five most gorgeous plants that make great housewarming gifts. So don’t hesitate, give one of these plants as your holiday present this year!


1) Money Plant

When it comes to giving gifts, there’s nothing like giving something that’s easy to care for and will love. That’s why we recommend giving the recipient of your gift a money plant. This succulent-bearing plant is easy to take care of, requires very little water, and is low-maintenance, making it a great choice for busy people. Another great option is an Echeveria – these plants enjoy high light levels, so they make great choices in homes with sunny windows. Finally, give the recipient of your gift a succulent such as aloe or ginger to help them start their new home off right!


2) Snake plant

As the new homeowner, it’s important to choose plants that will thrive in the home’s environment and needs. One plant that is perfect for dry homes is the snake plant. This succulent needs very little water and gets most of its moisture from the air – perfect for dry homes! Snake plants are also easy to grow and care for, making them a great choice for those new to gardening. Not only do they add beauty and texture to a room, but they also have an interesting terra cotta-like skin that can turn any space into a jungle garden! Finally, give your giftee a beautiful pot filled with fresh snake plant soil to start growing in right away!


3) Agloenema Plant

This year, give the gift of greenery with an aglaonema plant! This beautiful plant is perfect for adding colour and beauty to any room in your home. Because it needs little water or care, aglaonema plants make great centrepieces or accents. Additionally, the leaves and flowers are lovely, so it’s a great choice for adding some colour to any space. If you’re looking for a special gift, an aglaonema plant is a great option!


4) Jade Plant

Jade plants are a beautiful and low-maintenance option for anyone who wants to give a housewarming gift. This succulent is the fourth most popular among the ASPCA and is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-care-for addition to their home. Last but certainly not least, camellias make a beautiful and stylish housewarming gift. These blooming beauties grow quickly and need only basic water and light upkeep. They’re perfect for busy people!


5) Indoor Succulents

Housewarming gifts are the best! Not only are they thoughtful, but they also show that you care. And what better way to show your friend or family member that you care than by gifting them an indoor succulent? Succulents are a great option because they’re easy to care for – just water once a week! Plus, they come in many different shapes and colours, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your friend or family member. So go ahead, and add some stylish succulents to your list of housewarming gifts this year!


Looking for a beautiful and unique gift for your friends or family members? Look no further than getting gift plants delivered Melbourne from our list of plants! From the Money Plant to the Jade Plant, each of these plants is beautiful and perfect for any occasion. Not to mention, they come with a long lifespan, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come! Why not give one of these plants as your housewarming gift this year? We believe that everyone will love it!