Burst Pipes Melbourne

Few Points You Need To Consider Before You Hire Leak Detector

Pipe burst is a serious problem. A burst pipe in Melbourne might not be everyday experience but they do happen, leaving you in a situation thinking where to go. Most people think the water leak and burst pipes are the problems that arise in countries with a cold environment which is not a case, in fact, they can happen in countries that have hot weather or summers. So, you need to check your homes and call for Leak Detection Melbourne immediately in case you notice some of the signs mentioned in the blog. The burst pipe can result in damage to your property that is irreversible with repair and cost you much more than you are ready to afford, they can also result in flooding.  

Causes of Pipe Burst and Pipe Leak


Water expands when it gets a freeze, the reason for the freezing can be mercury which when drops below the freezing point freeze the flowing water along with it. The expansion of the water causes the burst pipes in Melbourne. It is the main reason for the burst pipe in the cold region but can happen in tropical countries. 

Root Encroachment

The other reason that can cause the pipe burst or pipe leakage is the roots of trees, the root grows underground and grows towards the water. In case the pipe inside is leaking little water the roots of trees start to grow on it and this action of roots results in extra exerted pressure on the cracked pipe causing it to burst. You need to call leak Detection in Melbourne if you see the uneven forming of green grass patches on your ground.


The used products such as sanitary pads, bathroom product or hair can cause the clogging of the pipe that interrupts the water flow in the pipe causing crack or burst pipes.

Rusty Pipes

Rusting causes the pipe to wear out making it weak, the rusted pipe no longer can withstand the pressure exerted due to water flowLeak detection can help you to find out the pipe that is causing the menace and immediately needs a replacement.

Burst pipes Melbourne

Are Water Leakage and Burst Pipe Serious Threat?

Here are some consequences of ignoring burst pipelines:

Mold – Mold can grow on the moisture that comes with leaks or after flooding because of a burst pipe in Melbourne. They can cause respiratory to allergy problems in humans.


The furniture, flooring, and electronics get damaged due to flooding caused by burst pipes in Melbourne houses.

What are the Signs of Rusty or Worn out Pipes?

There are some signs with which you can know whether you have a rusty pipe and call for water leak detection in Melbourne to resolve the issue immediately.

  • Discoloration or water stains on the wall
  • Lower water pressure 

Final Thoughts

If you have missed all the signs and there is flooding in your house due to leakage or burst pipe, immediately turn-of-the water supply in the house. Call the Plumber services that offer water leak detection in Melbourne as they can help you with the inspections of the leaking/burst pipe.