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The majority of us have heard of Travertine Pavers for outdoor use. However, there are numerous details that can assist you in making a decision or simply gaining a solid understanding. Travertine is a calcium carbonate mineral. Usually found in the region of hot springs. Travertine has horizontal veins like woods that have been unique property since history. Hiring Travertine pavers Melbourne can help you to accomplish your dream landscaping project.

Travertine belongs to the same family as limestones. The main distinction between the two stones is that limestones are mostly solid and full-body materials. Travertine, on the other hand, has small pitted holes caused by gas bubbles. These small holes may be filled with cement or resin-based filling materials during the finishing process.

Travertine is a popular tile that is widely used in landscaping and other outdoor constructions. Because of its versatile nature, it is widely used among ancient constructions and other projects. 

Keep on reading the blog to know why travertine is the best option for swimming pools and outdoor construction!

Though there are several other factors that affect the performance of the outdoor project.

  1. Design

Travertine pavers are a wonderful alternative for design because they come in a variety of colours and sizes. Travertine pavers are used for a variety of projects, particularly pools. Pool copings are available in a variety of widths; narrower widths are suitable for pool edges with many curves because fewer cuts are required. The contractor will save both time and money as a result of this. Larger widths are better suited to more linear, geometrically oriented pools and larger projects. Travertine is also a good choice because it comes with a large selection of matching tiles to go with the pavers.

  1. Construction

Travertine pavers have several long-term benefits when it comes to the building aspect of a landscaping project. It is a lighter natural stone than granite or marble, which is beneficial to a project’s weight capability. The load capacity of elevated constructions, such as rooftop gardens or terraces, is especially crucial to consider. It will put less strain on the current structure and produce no long-term damage. Travertine pavers are highly valued in the long run because they do not crack and are resistant to harsh colds and heat. In comparison to concrete or brick pavers, they are long-lasting and do not require repaving.

  1. Safety

Safety is the most crucial factor, travertine is basically a natural stone hence, it is safe for almost every outdoor construction. It prevents the accidents like slips and falls. Apart from this, It can survive the freezing cycles of cold regions as well as the intense heat of warm/tropical climates, making it ideal for any temperature. 


Travertine pavers have the advantage of being cool to the touch and not burning when walked on barefoot in hot weather. The amazing thing about the travertine is that it is suitable for every climate and prevents serious accidents with its amazing non-slippery property. Opt for Travertine tiles Melbourne if you are planning for any pool or landscaping construction.