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What makes a hotel the perfect party venue for your next wedding?

Planning the perfect wedding is no small task, and a lot of it hinges on choosing the right party venue. Read this blog to know what you should be looking for when compared to traditional venues like hotels.

What is the etiquette for wedding parties?

Wedding Party Venues MENTONE can be serious affairs or lighthearted celebrations. Most couples set up a timeline in which they talk to family, friends, and other wedding party members so everyone understands their wishes. Wedding parties should certainly keep the program lively with music, dancing and games.

How to be a good guest

Although it’s not all about the setting, there are certain conditions that contribute to making a hotel the perfect party venue. Male guests should look for ways to talk about their kids with other guests without seeming ungrateful for what the parents of those kids are giving them back home. 

What makes a good venue for guests, and how does it make your party better?

The perfect Party Venues MENTONE  is one that has a goal in mind. When you sit down to discuss ideas, ask yourself whether you want to host a wedding reception or a dance event or just have your guests mingle and get rowdy, and decide where you will feel most comfortable based on that discussion. You’ll also have to decide upon catering and entertainment ideas as well as what guests will be allowed to bring with them.

How does planning a wedding as a group help?

Planning a wedding as a group can be very beneficial for many reasons. One of the primary benefits is being able to pool money and resources from multiple people and use them effectively, saving you time and effort in the long run, as opposed to trying to operate as a couple alone would. The ability to produce quick feedback also makes it easier for couples on the planning committee to make decisions with minimal friction or delays. Typically, groups are most efficient when they have at least 10-12 members, and there is an average age difference between more senior members and those participating in decision-making processes closer to 30 years old.

Budget for marriage

Weddings can be stressful and budget-intensive already, so planning the perfect wedding is much tighter than any family reunion. There are a lot of little items couples need to think about that can make the difference in whether a party goes off flawlessly or has to be rescheduled. When it comes to choosing a venue for a wedding, it really depends on how much money you want to spend.


To make up for the stress of planning a wedding, it’s best to have an organized event. With an organized event and party venues, marriage goes success and ends happily.