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Which Factors Affect the Efficiency of Motor and How to Improve It?

In the general terms, motor efficiency is a critical term in the electrical field because it gives dimension to work capacity of that motor. Motor efficiency is a necessary element to measure the capacity of the motor to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Whenever any motor or converter not properly work and its efficiency is reduced, then you sent it for Converter Repairs Adelaide services.

In the ideal condition, the electrical motor has 80% to 90% efficiency in the beginning, but this static is only on the paper. In reality, any ACDC Motor Control Adelaide does not give higher efficiency when the load is high. If your motor has low efficiency, then energy cost is high because it consumes more power and it needs repairing work.

So, it would help if you learned factors which affect the efficiency of the motor and also the ways which help to improve the efficiency of the motor.

To help you here we provide you complete guide which surly help in the improvement of efficiency.

  1. Selection of the Motor and Controller

It is right that “Electrical motor’s efficiency relies on material and products which use foe core and winding construction.” Obviously, material quality always has an impact on the working condition of any products, whether it is electrical motor or random items. So, it is important to you select the nominal and running product as per your project requirements.

When you select the right motor and controller, then you can control the electronic heats and customize it’s as per your project needs and get higher efficiency. So, the efficient motor is an essential part of getting higher efficiency in the work.

  1. Decrease the Use of Gearbox

Generally, we use gearbox in the electrical motor to deliver, require mechanical performance, but the gearbox reduces the efficiency of the entire system. It is also happening when you add higher efficient gearbox because it is a specification of the gearbox.

To get the solution to such a problem, you have to reduce the usage of the gearbox. Restrict usage of gearbox in every performance, only use it whenever it actually needed so your motor work properly and give you higher efficiency.

  1. Go with Standard Not with Price

Whenever you purchase any electrical motor, then choose the quality above its price. The lower quality motor gives higher friction in the performance, and it can be a cause of low efficiency. So, choose quality, whether it is motor or its replacement parts. According to your project’s budget, you have to select one of the best motors which use for this work and also for next project work.    

  1. Pay Attention to The Type of Motor

Every project has a different requirement for the motors, and as per its need, you use the motor. But sometimes we not pay attention to this point properly. If you do not choose the right motor type as per application needs, then it also performs, but it is not higher (or according to your result assumption). For example, if you use a brushed dc motor on the absence of brush less dc motor, then it decreases the efficiency of the DC system.


Above we discuss, some important factor which is essential factors of motor efficiency and how to improve it. If your converter is efficient, then it not requires Converter Repairs Adelaide Industrial services in the small-time arena. So, work on improvement of efficiency not on repairing work.